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Eshleman Hall
Rated seismically “poor”, Eshleman will be demolished and replaced with a lower building with improved linkage between Bancroft and the Plaza.
Eshleman Replacement will provide larger areas of contiguous assignable space for greater program flexibility. 


The Martin Luther King, Jr., Student Union
The MLK building will be renovated and will include the two-story building additions on the west and south sides which will add much needed
assignable space including an accessible outdoor terrace adjacent to Pauley Ballroom and its nearby meeting rooms. King’s facade will be trans-
formed from its current imposing wall-like mass to its original design vision; a transparent glass pavilion presenting an active and open public
face on all sides.


Anthony Hall
Anthony Hall, home of the Graduate Assembly (GA), is being renovated as part of the Lower Sproul Redevelopment program. In addition to a
seismic safety upgrade, the building will have better access and an improved interior. 


Media Center
The Media Center will be housed in what is currently known as Naia Lounge. This hub for student media groups will house the Open Computing
Facility, Cal TV, Publications, and the Yearbook. It will include 30-computer workstations, storage, a filming area, and a lounge.


Rain Garden
The Renovation Project will include a rain garden, which will gather rainwater from the roofs of MLK, Eshleman, and Cesar Chavez
as well as rainwater from the plaza floor and filter it to irrigate a garden of trees/vegetation and Strawberry Creek. 

Open publication | Dowload PDF of The Transformation of Lower Sproul